It doesn’t add up.

It would probably be a bit ridiculous to think that I should need to explain why I haven’t posted anything here in almost a year; would be best to just get back to it I suppose.

I’ve recently acquired a Cable-Nelson spinet. It’s in reasonably good shape, was a fair price, and based on a not-so-thorough investigation of the serial number, is most likely from the mid-1960s.

This piano is sort of a project. While it’s completely suitable for practicing, the primary purpose is to facilitate an ongoing but ultimately unrequited fascination with tuning, repair, and maintenance.

There’s still some doubt as to whether this is the right instrument, whether it’s worth the effort and the mostly nominal financial investment that might require. I have a running list of potential repairs to make, but I’m not yet convinced that it will hold a tune or not, and equally unwilling to say that I’m even qualified to make that distinction; not yet.

Which is of course to say that before I blame the instrument for any flaws begat by the unforgiving hands of time, or on the woeful neglect of any countless number of previous caretakers, it would serve us both that I spend substantially more time with the hammer and pins.

I’m hoping to get back to writing here on a somewhat regular basis. There is certainly no shortage of thoughts rolling around the brain these days, especially in regards to temperament and the like.

I titled this post It doesn’t add up for a reason, but one that might be best saved for another day. In previous posts, I was pretty obsessed with graphics, images, videos and such, but I don’t have much ambition for that any longer; nor the time or energy.

Share your thoughts.

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