Piano Studies: Book One

If you find the information on this site at all useful, I’ll hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of Piano Studies: Book One. In many ways, though not intentionally, it serves as a companion piece to the ideas that are developing here at  A Theory of Music.

Piano Studies: Book One, Eight Modal Etudes for Developing Finger Inter-dependence is an introduction to piano for beginning students of any age. For students not yet reading, the etudes can be taught through rote method with a teacher. For beginning students who are learning to read or may already have some experience, the etudes are effective for the study of intervals, triads, accidentals, and fingerings, as well as providing examples of harmonic modulations and different time signatures. For intermediate students, the etudes can are useful for practice in sight-reading.

The book is purposelly sparse of any direction (I seem to be taking care of that now) and is therefore best suited for use in a lesson environment with a teacher. This does not however imply that those inclined to self-teaching could not make excellent use of the ideas in this book; it’s for you, too!

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note: The book is currently only available in printed format; I’ve not yet decided on whether or when to distribute this digitally.