Play Tetras!

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What is Tetras?

Tetras is a game for students and teachers. Its purpose is to help students develop a deeper understanding of the piano by breaking up the keyboard into tetrachords.

How to play?

It’s easy! Start by printing out the game pieces and then cut them out.

What are the rules?

The concepts behind Tetras are outlined on this site in the blog entries pertaining to tetrachords and how they are built. There are many possible ways in which to make a game out of learning these patterns; I’ve outlined just a few of those ideas below. Feel free to add more to the comments below!


For beginning students, consider each individual tetraboard as its own game.

  1. Identify and play the notes on the piano where each tetra-board appears on the keyboard.
  2. Using the colored pieces, build tetrachords by using tone and semi-tone intervals and have students identify the different types.
  3. Have students begin to arrange the tetraboards in small groups that resemble larger formations of the keyboard.


Intermediate level can begin to put tetraboards into larger arrangements to build out the playing space. (I was able to build a three octave keyboard using all the tetraboards; a few notes will need to overlap to do so.)

  1. Students can build tetrachords that use combinations of white and black keys.
  2. Use the correct letter names to spell each note of tetrachord.
  3. Combine tetrachords to form lower and upper halves of scales/modes.



  1. Between two and three players, divide up the playing pieces by color.
  2. Players can go back and forth building tetrachords.
  3. Players can alternate playing one piece at a time until the tetraboards are full.
  4. Start at opposite ends of the keyboard and race to the other side.


White keys are worth 1 point and black keys worth 2 points.

View/Download .pdf for Tetras! here or from the link below.

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