Below is a growing collection of various scores and compositions. Please feel free to download, print and play them; that’s why they’re here. I’ll be uploading more when I’m able and as often as possible.

*Depending on your screen resolution, staff lines may appear distorted when viewing the .pdf files; they will, I assure you, look great on paper.

download-icon     Prelude in B-flat Major  – intermediate piano


The Tiny Places – This piece is from Piano Studies: Book One; it is a simple study in symmetry.
The Tiny Places excerpt alt


Old Folk Piano no. 2 – intermediate piano –  hear a recording of Old Folk Piano no.2 in this video.


The Star-Spangled Banner  – Harmonized and arranged for male chorus by Igor Stravinsky. This is a piano reduction that was transcribed from an image of Stravinsky’s autograph score. A few things worth mentioning: the beams are shown as they appear in the score, as are the voices, even the crossings. Despite the ‘C’ naturals in measure 21, there is neither a natural nor a cautionary accidental in the next measure as one might expect; many rumors abound, this is likely what all the fuss was about.
The Star-Spangled Banner excerpt alt


Prelude in G-flat Major – Advanced etude for melodic instruments.
Etude in G-flat Major excerpt


Where are you – intermediate piano
where are you excerpt


Waltz – for trio of unspecified instruments, based on modal harmony and metric permutations.
trio excerpt


for Quintet and Rhythm Section – a work in progress.
quintet excerpt